The Memphis was established exactly 60 years after 1955 in Wopbopaloobop aka Miskolc, a town located just a stone’s throw – merely 8500 kms – from the birthplace of Elvis. Every band member is a native of this place. The name was unanimously chosen as one that wouldn’t sound as silly as Wopbopaloobop but which might ring a bell with people as to what we’re up to.

Once named after such a famous pilgrimage site, we feel obliged to deal with trend-setting songs of this legendary era with due respect and humility. The masterpieces of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard are still as popular as ever because the guys that wrote them never made summer hits. Also, we’ve noticed rock and roll sounds best when performed live and that it’s the only way to gift both audience and performer with an off-hand journey through time. We often have this Back to the Future state of mind during our concerts, feeling like the clock has rolled backwards into a time when meeting our younger selves becomes a reality. At times like that, some find themselves in the 1980’s, others in the 70’s, while others are taken back straight to the 50’s – but nobody remains unaffected. The music we play isn’t just retro music. It’s an authentic, original and unapproached rock and roll zeitgeist that we strive to fully revive in sound as well as appearance. This may be the reason why we can go hopping back and forth in time.

An outstanding figure of the band’s first 18 months was Micha Hund, a multi-instrumentalist music teacher from Germany. To our great regret, he has moved back home after two sedulous years at Wopbopaloobop. His absence could only be cured with the admission of four new members in 1955+62 A.D. Thanks Micha, you talented rock’n’roller, for all of your efforts! We wish you all the best in your German rock’n’roll life…

The Memphis performs in Miskolc, a major Hungarian city, on a regular basis. We host a Rock and Roll Party every month. Just to let you know we utilize our time travel abilities for these shows: we’ve done it once and all we need to do now is simply teleport ourselves to the site month after month. Hard to believe? Come and check it out.

Our Mission

Our mission is to turn every city, town, township, village, homestead or campsite into Wopbopaloobop for 90 to 120 minutes.

The Memphis is available for performances across Hungary, but don’t worry: we happily go abroad when invited!

So here’s this well groomed band, sitting beside a dial-phone and ready to start the flux capacitor in the VW T2 in order to deliver the world’s coolest songs straight to YOUR door!


For further band info or a concert schedule, feel free to call or email us.

Csaba Czinke:
+ 36 70 388 1010

Norbert Alföldi:
+ 36 70 370 2909